What is a Clan Society?

A Clan Society is the modern day counterpart of a Scottish Clan. However, it is not a clan or a branch of one. It is a social organization, a voluntary association of individuals who share a common history and heritage and who are under the spell that Old Scotia casts upon her sons and daughters to the fourth and fifth generation and far beyond.

History of the Agnew Association of America

The Agnew Association of America was formed in the United States in April, 1984 at the request of Sir Crispin Hamlyn Agnew, 11th Baronet of Lochnaw, and Chief of the family Agnew. The purpose of the Association is to bring together all of the name Agnew or those descended from the name Agnew to promote interest in lineage and exchange of information. An Association newsletter is published quarterly (March, June, September, December) to disseminate items of Agnew interest and to assist contacts with other members in tracing their Agnew line. The newsletter is available to members only (one complimentary evaluation copy is available on request to the editor), and back issues are available at US$3.00 each (US$6.00 for double issues) to members and prospective members. Member and non-member queries are published without charge. In order to support the Association, the Board of Directors established annual dues of US$15.00 and US$6.00 for Students. A three year membership is US$40.00. Dues are payable by July 1 of each year. Dues for Canadian and Overseas members are slightly higher to help defray the postage (US$20.00 in Canada, and US$25.00 overseas).

Mrs. Lois Schieck (an Agnew descendant) was instrumental in forming the Agnew Association, along with Maggie Bryant, Patricia Alexander, and Colonel John P. Agnew. Lois served as Secretary/Treasurer until June, 1996.

Known spelling variations of the name Agnew include Egnew, Aganew, and possibly others. Family trees of these spelling variants are requested and printed in the Agnewsletter, and anyone having a surname with one of these spelling variations is encouraged to join. Ancient spellings of the name Agnew include Agneaux, d'Agneaux, O'Gneeve, O'Gnyw, and possible others. The Italian family, Agnelli, may be related, as the double L and the W were interchangeable in Old English.

Although the Agnew family is not strictly a "clan", the Agnews were a "Bardic Sept" of both the O'Neill and the Douglas Clans in Scotland. The bardic septs were responsible for writing the Clan histories, composing songs and poetry for the Clan, and other "learned" duties.

Sir Crispin Agnew, 11th Bt. of Lochnaw, holds an Agnew Coat of Arms, and in fact makes his living as Slains Pursuviant to the Chief Herald, in Edinburgh.

AAA Officers

(Acting) Convener: Thomas I. Agnew (PA) (Tom is looking for a replacement)
Secretary/Treasurer: Thomas I. Agnew (PA) (Lois Schieck resigned as of 6/22/96)

Newsletter Editor: James D. Agnew (NV)

Archivist: Patricia Alexander (CA)

Historian: Marie Agnew-Marcelli (NY)

  • Roger G. Agnew (ON)
  • Steven B. Agnew (CA)
  • David A. Agnew (GA)
  • James D. Agnew (NV)
Honorary Members :

What does it cost?

  • Regular Membership -- $15.00 per year (US)
  • Canadian Membership -- $20.00 per year (US)
  • Overseas Membership -- $25.00 per year (US)
  • Three Year US Membership -- $40.00 (US)
Dues may be submitted to Thomas Agnew at the above below.

What do I get?

Four issues of the AGNEWSLETTER, a quarterly publication consisting of from 12-36 pp. including queries, letters to the editor, special features on Agnews, Agnew family trees, pictures, etc.

Notification of upcoming annual Agnew Reunions and special trips to Scotland, Ireland, etc. to search for Agnew roots. We print just about anything that would be of interest to Agnews!

Submittals should be transmitted to James D. Agnew, Editor, at the below address.

Social Activites

The last three annual Agnew Reunions were held in Las Vegas, NV; Atlanta, GA; and Ontario, Canada, respectively. The next Agnew Reunion may be held in Virginia (pending board approval).

For further information

Thomas I. Agnew, Convener
Agnew Association of America
1920 Highland Ave.
Irwin, PA 15642
Tel. (412) 864-5625 (Home)
Fax (412) 864-9358 (Work)
(No internet address yet)

James D. Agnew, Editor
The Agnewsletter
Agnew Association of America
4 Kiowa Court
Henderson, NV 89014-1536
Tel. (702) 361-2410 (Home)
Fax (702) 794-5378 (Work)
  • 70617.2421@compuserve.com
  • James_Agnew@notes.ymp.gov
  • Jim.Agnew@genesplicer.org
  • jdagnew0@wcc.com

Wes and Laura Agnew of Baton Rouge

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