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The lands of Cockburn were in Berwickshire and the name became widespread in the 13th century. The name may be a corruption of the old English name "Colbrand". The name of Sir Pere de Cockburne appears in the Ragman Roll as one who swore fealty to Edward I of England in 1296. The lands of Langton, in Berwick shire came into the Cockburn family through Sir Alexander de Cockburn who married the daughter of Sir Wiliam de Vipont who fell at Bannockburn.

His son was created hereditary usher and this office was later confirmed upon the Barony of Langton by King James IV.

This office was later usurped by John, Earl of Wigtown. A committee of Parliament had been appointed to resolve the matter but Cockburn was not ready to wait that long. He instead protested his right when the King entered Parliament and for his effort the King sent the protesting usher to Edinburgh castle as a prisoner.

The original chiefly line of Cockburn sold its lands to a cousin who was later made a bronet in 1671.


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