The Clan Douglas Society

Agnew, Blackett, Blacklock, Blackstock, Blackwood, Blalock, Breckinridge, Brown, Brownlee, Cavan, Cavers, Dickey, Drysdale, Forest, Forrester, Foster, Gilpatric, Glendinning, Glenn, Harkness, Inglis, Kidston, Kilgore, Kilpatrick, Kirkland, Kirkpatrick, Lockerby, Lockery, MacGuffey, MacGuffock , McKitrick, Morton, Sandilands, Sandlin, Soule, Sterrett, Symington, Troup, Young

Dedicated to Promote Scottish American Culture

Clan Douglas Society of North America, Ltd.

Clan Douglas Society of North America, Ltd.
701 Montgomery Hwy. Suite 209
Birmingham, AL 35216-1833
Canadian Regent: Peter Douglass
9 Limardo Dr.
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
B3A 3X2
In Nova Scotia

Australia: Ronald Douglas, FSA-Scot
Box 1034
96 Margaret Street
Toowoomba, Queensland 4350

CLAN DOUGLAS SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA is a charitable non-profit organization of Scottish descendants and Septs of Family/Clan Douglas (see section "How to Join") whose purpose is to foster and promote understanding and good fellowship among the desendants of Scotsmen, to study and learn about their heritage from Scotland and to promote and increase their friendships with those of similar minds now residing in Scotland.

MEMBERSHIP is composed of men & women who are direct lineal descendants of a Scotsman/Scotswoman bearing the surname Douglas(s) or one of the Sept names. We have several classes of membership: Active, Affiliate (primarily for Scots who are not a sept of another Clan). We also have a class of affiliates with no known Scottish heritage. These members do not have a vote.

DUES U.S. Funds $15.00, Canadian $20.00, Australian $21.00.(Fiscal Year: August 1 - July 31) Same for all classes of membership. Life membership: Below age 60 years: 15 times current annual dues. Age 60 years and above: 10 times current annual dues.

APPLICATIONS may be obtained from the above addresses or for information email: or visit their official website at

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