The Clan Forbes

The Society

The Clan Forbes Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1979 to honor the heritage of the descendants of the ancient Clan Forbes of Scotland. The Society is not affiliated with any other group and is devoted exclusively to the interests of its members. The Society has received the encouragement of Lord Forbes, hereditary Chief of clan Forbes. It is also recognized as a tax exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service.


The Society's efforts are directed toward historic, educational and patriotic activities related to Clan Forbes and its Scottish foundations. We strive to share the common interests of kinship as well as collect and preserve the records and artifacts of Forbes Clansmen. it is our aim to honor our Clan Forbes origins and inspire among our members and their families the pride and spirit of our Scottish ancestors.


While we welcome the comradeship of all who have a Scottish heart, applications for active membership are accepted only from descendants of a Scottish Forbes ancestor. Both male and female applicants are equally welcome as active members and each membership is considered as a family group. The Society may also proffer honorary memberships to individuals who have been of exceptional service to Clan Forbes or the Society. A membership application is contained in [the] brochure.

Society Activities

The great Scottish contributions to America are well known. Scotland has given us presidents, clerics, generals and amirals, artists, law-givers, industrialists, and doctors -- and the staunch spirit we value so highly. Each year, throughoutthe land, grand pageants and gatherins are held in tribute to this great heritage which preserves the customs and traditions of our common home land. As the recognized focal point for Forbeses everywhere, the Clan Forbes Society is an active participant in this proud spirit.

The Society serves as a sponsor of Highland Games and joins with other great Clans in these magnificent events. Here our kinsmen from around the world meet to share in the rare beauty of bagpipes, dancing and the extraordinary Scottish athletics. The Society also calls a special gathering each year to cement the kinship of all Forbeses.

The Clan Forbes Society is a repository of the genealogical records provided by its members. These records show generation upon generation of the many lines and kinship of this great Clan.

In addition, the Society is striving to become the library for books and documents pertaining to Clan Forbes and its history. The Society is gathering and preserving much valuable information of current interest and historical value.

The Clan Forbes Society hopes that all Forbeses will seek to join in this continuous celebration of a great heritage and its traditions.

Classes of Membership

ACTIVE -- Thos 18 years of age and over who, by birth, marriage or descent, bear the surname Forbes or a sept thereof; those who, by maternal lineage, bear the name in any of its forms or septs; and members of septs as listed in any accepted works. Active members may vote, held office, and fully participate in the affairs of the Society. $15 annual dues, plu $5 initiation fee for a first-year total of $20.

LIFE -- Must be eligible for Active membership and are exempt for annual dues upon paying a one-time fee of $200.

ASSOCIATE -- Those not a Forbes nor belonging to a Forbes sept, but otherwise interested in the furtherance of the purposes of the Society. May not vote or hold office. $10 annual dues.

Membership includes spouses and children under 18.

Membership Inquiries

Write to:

Clan Forbes Society
P.O. Box 1118
Alexandria, VA

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