The Clan Galbraith

The Clan Galbraith Association
of North America

Larry Patterson, President of CGANA
1792 Rensselaer Ave.
Rotterdam, NY 12303

Frances A. Williams, Secretary

The International Clan Galbraith Association was founded in 1977. Its primary goal was to interest all Galbraiths throughout the world in preserving the last vestige of former Clan holdings in Scotland (Culcreuch Castle and the Galbraith Woods) located in Fintry, Stirlingshire, Scotland. The Clan Galbraith Association of North America was formed in January 1980, and held their first formal meeting in May 1981 at Culcreuch Castle. Several years later, the International Clan Galbraith Association was disbanded and their records were passed on to the Clan Galbraith Association of North America. Therefore, CGANA has became the surviving world wide organization of the Galbraith Clan. We have members in Australia, Germany, England and other countries, with a very strong and supportive group in Canada. We have a Clan Galbraith library with records and documents about Galbraith history.

The ancient Gaelic verse: "Bhreatunnach on Talla Dheirg, Uaisle ' shliochd Albann do shloinne."
which translates to: "Galbraith of the Red Tower, Noblest of Albannic Race, thy pedigree."

The Red Tower is recognized as referring to Dumbarton Castle, former seat of the Royal House of Strathclyde. We publish a quarterly, aptly named "THE RED TOWER. Surnames include: Calbreath, Culbreath, Galbreath, Gilbreath, Gilreath, Kilbreath, Kulbreath, or other variant spellings.

For membership information contact: Frances A. Williams, Secretary, 1997-98 President, Larry Patterson,

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