The Clan Hall Society


The objective of the Clan Hall Society is to promote things Scottish, to strengthen theties of fellowship and kinship between members of the Society, to maintain clan unitythrough association of clan members in a social way, and to perpetuate the memory andgenealogy of Clan Hall by combining the resources and efforts of the members in performinggenealogical research necessary for the compilation of a complete history of the Clan Hall.The Clan Hall Society was formed in August 1993 and has the recognition of the ScottishAuthorities.

Organization and Policy

The meetings of the Clan Hall Society consist of an Annual General Business Meeting (AGBM),and such other meetings or reunions as may be approved by the membership. The AnnualGeneral Business Meetings (AGBM) are held at a time and place determined by the vote of themembers present at the preceding Annual General Business Meeting (AGBM). The agenda of theAnnual General Business Meeting (AGBM) includes all necessary elections of officers, andpresentation of business matters, supplemented by such other general activities as may bedesired by membership.


There is a registered tartan with the Scottish Tartans Society, in Comrie, Pertshire, Scotland, for the Hall family, which may be worn by anyone who bears the surname of Hall, or any of its variables, and the allied families of Collingwood, Crispin, De Aula, Fitz William, Hall, Hal, Haul, Haule, Hale, and MacHall.

The thread count is as follows:Green-12, Red-6, Blue-12, Red-6, Green-24, Red-6, Blue-12, Red-6, Green-24, Red-6, Yellow-3

Names of the Hall Descendents

Many alternate spellings of the name showed in the manuscripts researched. The name,"Hall", occurred in many references, and from time to time, the records included variablessuch as Hall, Halle, Haule, Haul, Hal, De Aula, Hale, Haw, and many others. Scribesrecorded and spelled the name as it sounded. It wasn't unlikely that a person would beborn with one spelling, married with another, and buried with yet another. The allied families of Hall include Collingwood, Crispin, De Aula, Fitz William, Hal, Haul, Haule, Hale, and MacHall.

The Clan Hall Newsletter

"The Border Reiver" is the official newsletter of the Clan Hall Society, and is included withthe membership dues. "The Border Reiver" is published in August, November, February and May of each year.


Regular Membership: Any person who is related by blood or marriage to the Hall's (variousspelling included), or any family with which they were allied. The annual dues per Family Membership (children under 18 years of age are FREE) shall be $20.00.The annual dues per Individual Member shall be $15.00.The annual dues per International Family Membership (children under 18 years of age are FREE)shall be $22.00.

Associate Membership: Any member, not otherwise eligible, who shall be interested in thingsScottish, and the purposes of the organization.The annual dues per Associate Member shall be $15.00.The annual dues per International Associate Member shall be $17.00.

Life Membership: Any person meeting the requirements of a regular member who makes a contribution equal to Fifteen (15) years of the annual dues.

*Note: Membership rates are pro-rated monthly
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Our society does not present ourselves as the Clan proper which needs a duly recognized Chief.We are a family oriented society with links to the Hall Clan. Research is currently being doneto establish a Clan Hall Chief.


Atlas D. Hall, FSA (Scot.),
President, Clan Hall Society
3045 Kentucky Route 321 #7
Prestonsburg, Ky 41653

Dana Hall

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