The Clan Lamont Contacts

The Clan Lamont Society of North America's purpose, as stated in our Articles of Incorporation; is to "To bring into one organization those descendants of the Lamont families of Scotland,...To study and preserve the history of the Lamont Clan...the preservation of the history of the Lamont families as well as the general history of Scotland,.. and the preservation of Scottish traditions and customs..". To further those goals, we participate in many Highland Games and activities throughout the USA, and publish books and a newsletter. We have reprinted the definitive Clan Lamont history, "The Lamont Clan 1235-1935" originally published in 1935. Our quarterly newsletter, The Wee Harp, contains information on activities of members throughout the USA, and Clan Lamont Societies in Scotland, Canada, and Australia, as well as articles relating to Clan and Scottish history.


The Clan Lamont Society of North America, was organized in 1982, and is the second oldest Clan Lamont Society worldwide. We were formed by a group of Lamonts in the southeastern USA. They were led by W. Lamont Brown of North Carolina, who served as the first President. We are incorporated in the state of North Carolina as a not for profit organization.


As a corporation, we are controlled by a Board of Directors, and run by officers , headed by a President. Members of The Board of Directors are elected annually in October by mail ballot of the membership, There are two Directors elected from each Region. Officers, are in turn elected in October by the then current Board of Directors. We are organized into four geographic regions, Northeast, Southeast, Central, and Far West. Each region is headed by a Regional Vice President, who reports to the Senior Vice President.. A Secretary and a Treasurer complete the list of Officers. All Officers, are also ex officio members of the Board of Directors. Each Regional Vice President may appoint local Area Commissioners to represent the Society in given areas.

Classes of Membership:


Each application for active membership shall be accompanied by payment of initiation fee and first year's annual dues, in such amounts as the Board of Directors may establish from time to time. Only Active members shall have the right to vote in meetings or by mail ballot, when required, except as hereinafter provided..


The spouse and children of any Active member may become a Family member by paying a one time fee to the Society Treasurer. The amount of such fee shall be set by the Board of Directors. No formal application is required. This entitles such Family member to attend meetings and participate in activities of the Society, but such member shall not have the right to vote on any matters before any meeting of members, except in the event the Active member is absent or otherwise prevented from voting, in which case a Family member may vote in place of the particular Active member. Upon the death of an Active member, a Family member will assume Active member status for the remainder of the period for which dues have been paid for the deceased. At the end of this period, the Family member may continue in the Active status by the payment of the required Active member annual dues. A Family member may convert to Active member status at any time, by payment of the current Active member dues.

How to Join The Clan Lamont Society

If you desire to join the Clan Lamont Society of North America because your family name is associated with Clan Lamont, or you simply have an interest our ancient Royal Clan; all you need to do is print the application, fill it out, and submit it with the required fees. Mail the application and fees to our Secretary:

Gail B. Turner
P.O. Box 29221
Columbus, OH 43229

We will gladly welcome you as a fellow member of Clan Lamont.

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