The Clan MacBean of North America Inc.

Executive Officers

Clan Office
Suite 213, 441 Wadsworth Boulevard
Denver, Colorado 80226

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
Grant E. Crate

William F. Beane
Jonathan P. "Jock" Binnie
George A. Wiseman
Eugene E. Moeny
Clan Piper
Eugene E. Moeny
P.O. Box 6857
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80934-6857
Clan Genealogist
William J. Bean
733 Hillcrest Drive
Bakersfield, California 93305
Clan Chaplin
Rev. Rex E. Bean
Clark Retirement Community
1551 East Franklin, SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506-3331

Board of Directors

Martha Back - Renton, Washington
Earl H. Bean - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
William F. Beane - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Jonathan P. Binnie - Severna Park, Maryland
Dr. John D. Conley - Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Grant E. Crate - Lawrenceville, Georgia
Rayomnd L. Heckethorn - Lakewood, Colorado
Jana Kay Lewis - Battle Creek, Michigan
James H. Lochary - Amesville, Ohio
William R. MacIlvaine - Naples, Florida
Richard J. McBain of McBain (Tanist) - Tucson, Arizona
Robert A. McBain - Los Gatos, California
Eugene E. Moeny - Colorado Springs, Colorado
George A. Wiseman - Medford, Massachusetts

Information on this page is courtesy of the Clan MacBean of North America, Inc. For more information on the clan, and how to become a member of the society, please visit their site.

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