The Clan Gregor Center

The Clan Gregor Centre was established in 1983, and is an independent non-profit research and publishing organisation, which coordinates current research into the genealogies and the general history of Clan Gregor. Most MacGregor families originate in Perthshire, and we tend to concentrate on that area, but every family and branch is covered and we have spent many years collecting information, particularly about the various family names used by members of the Clan.

For eight years up to 1991 the Clan Gregor Centre ran the highly successful Clan Information Centre and Museum at Kingshouse, Balquhidder, in Perthshire. Since 1987 our main activity has been the publication of a magazine called The Quaich, (koo-aich, ch as in loch) which means 'a drinking cup'. Its motto is 'To Share in Friendship' and it is available by subscription. Each volume consists of four issues of approximately 40 pages and includes an enquiry listing. We do not normally undertake genealogical research on an individual basis but the magazine is seen by many Clan Gregor researchers with good resources and knowledge of individual areas, and there is a fairly active level of response to published enquiries.

The current price is twenty pounds or forty dollars for a volume of four issues sent by surface mail, or twenty-five pounds (fifty dollars) by airmail. This can be paid by a personal cheque payable to 'The Clan Gregor Centre', or by Visa or Mastercard. The second option will probable show a saving as the debit will be made in pounds sterling and there are no bank charges. Please send number and expiry date (preferably by snail- mail for better security).

Back numbers of all issues are still available. The Clan Centre is also publishing a range of other Clan source material.

To subscribe and for a current list of publications, write to

The Secretary,
Sheila McGregor,
Clan Gregor Centre,
8 Greenhill Place,
Edinburgh EH10 4BR,

or by e-mail to
Current publication details for The Quaich are as follows: a subscription sent now will cover the four issues of volume 5. The first two have already appeared and will be posted out on receipt of a new subscription, and numbers 19 and 20, which are in preparation, will follow when ready.

Whether or not you subscribe the Clan Gregor Centre is always keen to collect any genealogical or other information about the Clan, and to publish and where possible answer enquiries, especially those relating to the period prior to 1860 (we have very few later sources). Enquiries relating to different Clan Gregor names are equally welcome. [an error occurred while processing this directive]