The Clan MacKinnon Society of North America, Inc.

Member, Council of Scottish Clan Association, Inc.

Society Officers:

Honorary President: Anne MacKinnon of MacKinnon
Representative of the MacKinnon of MacKinnon: Clinton Eastman MacKinnon, Sr.
High Commissioner: N. Joann MacKinnon Osborne
Treasurer: Ellouise Sharman MacKinnon
Chaplin: Sally K. MacKinnon Rorer
Commissioner--New York: Donald Angus MacKinnon
Commissioner--Oregon: Melvin David McKinnon
Commissioner--North Carolina: Col. Arthur Wallace Miller, Jr.
Commissioner--Massachusetts: John Joseph McKinnon

Message from the Representative:

Dear Cousins:

We bairns of MacKinnon and MacKinnon septs- Love, MacKinney, Mackinning, MacKinver, MacMorran- are far from the land of our fathers. No longer are we contained in an area so small we can reach out and touch each other. So...

The Clan MacKinnnon Society of North America asks you to join in a hand clasp that will keep us in touch. We could remeber our heritage, share our present, and look with goal-setting eyes to our future.

The MacKinnon of MacKinnon has written to say that Clan MacKinnon has not been functioning as a united clan in Scotland since 1975. Perhaps if we keep in touch we can remind each other that Fortune Assists the Daring.

For aye,
Clinton Eastman MacKinnon, Sr.

For membership information, contact:

N. Joann MacKinnon Osborne, 4012 Tyndale Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32210 or contact

Brief Clan History
The MacKinnons, one of the branches of the great Siol Alpein(Clan Alpin), descended from and named by Fingon, brother to Andrew who was ancestor to Grigor and the MacGregors, and great-grandson of Kenneth MacAlpine.

They held lands in Mull and were vassals of the Lords of the Isles in East Skye around the year 1400. Ewan, Chief of the Clan, received from James V, in 1542, a charter for the lands of Mishnish in Mull and Strathardal in Skye and the MacKinnons had a stronghold in Dunringel Castle, commanding the Kyle of Lachalsh. Other branches extended from Tiree to Arran. Like the other Alpin branch MacFie, they had at least a professional interest in the holy isle of Iona, where several MacFingons or MacKinnons were abbots. The last Abbot of Iona, who died in 1550, was John MacKinnon.

The Clan fought for Charles I at Inverlocky, under Montrose, when the wonderful staying-powers of his Highlanders enabled him to surprise Argyll through a forced march. They were at the Battle of Worcester and in both Jacobite Rebellions, in 1715 and 1745. In July 1746 the aged Chief and his family took over from Flora MacDonald a further anxious stage in aiding Prince Charlie's escape after Culloden.

After being forced to part with their lands in 1791, they are now landless. After some dispute, the Clan placed the chiefship with MacKinnon of Acryse.

BADGE-- Pine

Septs: Love, MacKinney, MacKinning, MacKinven, MacMorran, Sherry, & MacSherry

For more information about the clan, read Memoirs of Clan Fingon, by Rev. Donald D. MacKinnon. 249 pages. Paperback. First published 1899.

Memoirs of Clan Fingon traces the history of this family from the early days, through the 16th century and into the turbulent days of the 17th. This narrative history concludes with an extensive survey of prominent 19th-century MacKinnons. Included as well are examples of poetry and prose written by MacKinnons, and a final account of Clan Fingon as it was. This is a well researched history, sure to be appreciated by all members of this ancient Scottish family.

The above book can be ordered through N. Joann MacKinnon Osborne for $20.00. Also available is the Chief's Lineage Chart (30"x67"), also $20.00. [an error occurred while processing this directive]