The Association appoints members to represent the Clan at special events. These representatives, or Conveners, are needed to set up Clan tents, greet visitors, and distribute information about the Clan. There are several Highland Games and Scottish Festivals at which Clan MacLennan is not currently represented; therefore, we encourage members to convene at least one event in their local area.

There is no formal dress code, but Conveners are encouraged to proudly display their Clan tartan by wearing a kilt or other appropriate attire. Also, Conveners are asked to wear a name-tag and to wear one feather in their hat or on their lapel to indicate their status. (Lieutenants, who are appointed by the Clan Chief, wear two feathers.) All events have their own itinerary, but Conveners are expected to participate in the Parade of Tartans and the Kirkin’ O’ the Tartans ceremonies when possible.

Conveners are required to pay their own registration and entrance fees at events, as well as other related expenses. There is no income or salary for Conveners; however, Conveners who recruit new members are entitled to 1/4 of each new recruit’s first year dues, which amounts to $5 per new member. These monies are intended to alleviate the financial responsibilities associated with being a Convener but are not expected to cover all of the related costs.

Conveners are encouraged to set up their tent in a way that reflects their own personal style and creativity while maintaining the following standards:


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