Clan MacPherson Association

The Clan Macpherson Association was organized in Badenoch, Invernessshire, Scotland and held its first Rally in 1947. Membership in the Association has continued to grow over the years and now we are the third largest Clan Association in the world.

Branches have been formed in Scotland, England, Wales, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, South America and the United States. The United States Branch was sponsored by the parent Association which selected Robert B. MacPherson to head the new organization. Formalization of the Branch was effected at a gathering of some fifty interested persons at the home of Robert and Arlena MacPherson in Belchertown, Massachusetts. October 1974.

The name Macpherson, MacPherson, or McPherson, according to the spelling preferred by individual families, comes from the Gaelic Mac-a-Phearsain and means literally "Son of the Parson". Mhuirich Vattanach, Fourth Chief of Clan Chattan, was made Parson of Kingussie. His second son was the first to be called Macpherson.

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