Clansman, thanks for your interest in
Clan MacTavish * Thom(p)son Worldwide.

AIMS and GOALS of the CLAN

To restore the Clan's Heritage and Highland History mis-placed after the Battle of Culloden.

Clansmen who are blessed as members of one of the most ancient Highland Clans find ourselves with much to update. Being dormant without a registered Chief for the past two hundred years, we find that three or four other Clans have taken liberties suggesting that the MacTavish , Thom(p)son's , Thomas and Todd , belong to them. This of course is just wishfull thinking. Clan MacTavish and the associated names below , is a recognized ancient Highland Clan by the Court of the Lord Lyon, King of Scottish Heraldry in Edinburgh.

Clan MacTavish - Thom(p)son is open to all those named, or, descended from Thom(p)son, Thomason, Tawesson, Thomas, MacLaws, MacLehose, MacTause, MacTammany and Todd. A Clan Journal, "NON OBLITUS", (our Clan motto), "NOT FORGETTING", is published three times a year, covering such interesting subjects as, The History of the Clan from the 11th century, the authentic connection of the names Thom(p)son and when that came about. Where is the clan's land and what do we hope to do on that land?

There are three levels of membership;

An invitation is extended by Chief Dugald MacTavish to one and all to UNITE, to "Stand-up and be counted", preserving a NOBLE PAST and making a GLORIOUS FUTURE for the second largest Clan, and showing our Pride as an ancient Highland Clan.

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