The Clan Hamilton

The Cadzow Family

The Cadzow family is one of the ancient names of Scotland. There are several stories of how the Cadzow name came to be, and how the family ended up as part of the Hamilton clan.

One story has Cadzow's starting in France, then coming to the British Isles around the turn of the last millenium. Another says that the Cadzows have always been in Scotland since ancient times.

They were the owners of the Barony of Cadzow lands just outside present-day Hamilton, Scotland, until they decided to go over to the English. Subsequently, Robert the Bruce gave their lands away to a father and son called Walter fitz Alan, and Alan fitz Walter, of Hambelton, a small estate that the two soldiers had owned in Leicestershire, England. Bruce gave them the Barony of Cadzow lands for term of one harvest.

The progenitors of this pair became the Hamilton clan (derived from the name Hambelton) and built a mighty clan from this small start.

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