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In the 13th century Iver Crom possessed some lands in Argyllshire and it is claimed he conquered the lands of Cowal for King Alexander II. He possessed the lands of Asknish, Lergachonzie and Glassary in Cowal. His son or grandson, Malcolm MacIver had lands in 1292 and about 1500 Iver MacIver of Lergachonzie was chief of the clan. He had three sons; Duncan, Charles and Iver Ban. A descendant of Charles was chief about 1572 and was designated "of Asknish and Stronshiray". His son, Iver was forfeited in 1685 for his part in the rebellion by Archibald, 9th Earl of Argyll. After the Revolution in 1688 the 10th Earl restored the estates of the Clan Iver to Duncan, son of Iver, on the condition that he and the heirs of the family of MacIver should assume the name and bear the arms of Campbell. Sir Humphray Trafford Campbell who died in 1818 was the last male descendant of Duncan MacIver of Stronshiray. Other families of MacIvers assumed the name of Campbell including the MacIvers of Ardlarach who also adopted the name at about 1688, the MacIvers of Pennymore on Loch Fyne, the MacIvers of Glassary and the MacIvers of Ballochyle. The MacIvers in the Gairloch region descend from a MacIver from the Argyll area, some of the MacIvers of this area remained MacIvers while others changed their name to Campbell. A sept of MacIver Campbells were found in Glenlyon and about 1580 a number moved to Caithness (where they feuded with the Gunns) and to Lewis.


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