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Black Cuillins For Sale

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By George Butters

Isle of Skye, Click here for larger Image For sale: 35 square miles on the Isle of Skye including more than 14 miles of coastline, two salmon rivers, farm land and a mountain range.

Calling it the most difficult decision he's ever made, John MacLeod of MacLeod, 29th Chief of the Clan, is selling the Cuillin Hills on the Isle of Skye to pay for repairs to Dunvegan Castle and for various tourism projects.

Dunvegan Castle is the oldest, continuously inhabited stronghold in the British Isles and repairs are estimated to cost about $10 million.

The dramatic mount ranges know as the Black Cuillins have been in MacLeod's hands for about 1,200 years and will fetch an asking price of approximately $16 million.

Castle Dunvegan, Click here for Larger Image "Ultimately, I consider the protection of existing jobs and the creation of new employment to be more important than acres," the Chief told the London Guardian. "I really believe, however, that continued freedom of access for all to these spectacular hills must remain an integral part of the process."

The Black Cuillins are reknown for their rugged beauty and are home to rare species of plants and animals.

FPD Savills of Edinburgh, the selling agent handling the property on behalf of the Clan, are calling this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase some of the most spectacular real estate in Scotland.

George Anderson of Scottish Natural Heritage called the announcement "a big surprise, a real shock." His comments were echoed by various tourism groups. The National Trust may be interested in purchasing the property, provided it can find the funds to do so.

Thursday, December 26th, 2019

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