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Planning your dream trip to Scotland can be as much fun as going, and although you can't predict the Highland weather, if your trip is well-researched and organized, your sure to enjoy the time. The Internet is a great asset to travelers, and we've picked out a few places you'll want to visit online before heading off to the airport.

Airlines and accommodation providers have taken full advantage of the Internet. You can get flight information, book rooms, and check itineraries, all with a click of the keyboard. For example, keyword: flights on AOL to access a wide variety of airlines, bargain travel opportunities, and Thomas Cook Travel. Microsoft's or provide electronic fare finders for your convenience, and Infoseek also has a weather forecaster (enter the postal code, get the forecast), and a currency converter.

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If you plan to stay at one of many historic homes that now function as hotels in Scotland, you can search or browse The Johansens website for locations, pricing, and booking. You may decide to spend a night in an actual castle, like Culcreuch Castle Hotel & Country Park, the ancestral seat of the Galbraith Clan. Rooms start at 40 pounds UK, and the hotel is an hour away from both the Edinburgh and Glasgow airports.

Don't forget to factor in exchange rates when budgeting for your trip: an American dollar will only buy .60 of a UK pound, and a Canadian dollar about 40p UK. It's a good idea to discuss your travel plans with someone at your bank when planning your holiday. Make sure that you'll have easy access to cash at ATMs, preferably without huge service charges. Hotels, major chains, and some other places will accept credit cards, but don't expect charging or swiping at point of purchase to be as common in Scotland as it is in North America.

Plan to spend between 20 and 100 pounds UK per night per person on accommodation, depending, of course, on how elegant you expect your surroundings to be! A hostel in Glasgow costs at least 23 pounds per night per person, while a hotel in Edinburgh with full amenities and fresh flowers in your room can run to 75 pounds and more.

Other web sites will give you more general information to help you plan your visit to Scotland. This Excite site includes today's weather in Edinburgh, and more links to things to do and see in Scotland. The Edinburgh and Lothians Tourist Board website provides general information and tips about visiting Edinburgh, including a special area for young travelers.

Enjoy your trip, and don't forget to send us a postcard!

Thursday, December 26th, 2019

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