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Brian Orr, author and One Name Study ResearcherGo to Brian's Discussion Board on One Name Studies and the Ulster Scots!

Brian Orr is a retired UK civil servant who lives in the North West of England. He has been researching his family history in Ulster since 1975, but on retirement decided to register with the Guild of One Name Studies to research the Orr name worldwide. As Ulster Scots (Scotch - Irish in the USA and Canada) the Orrs have emigrated around the world and likewise, other Orrs from the home base in Scotland.

A consequence of Brian's research is an increasing familiarity with information sources worldwide and a growing list of cousins. He admits to enjoying a game of golf and collects books with a historical and genealogical theme which, he says, helps him to continue his life long interest in history and to understand his relatives better.

Ongoing Series
The Covenanters

The Scottish Genealogical Society

Scottish Industry and Inventors
Industrial Revolution in Scotland

Famous Scot Alexander Orr

Famous Scot John Bryson Orr

Two Part Series
History of Children in Scotland

Three Part Series
Brian Orr's Travels in Scotland

Three Part Series
The Plantation of Ireland by the Scotch-Irish (Ulster-Scots)

Six Part Series
Brian Orr's One Name Study Main Page

The Orrs at War

The Scottish National War Memorial

Read more from Brian over the next few months!

Comments or Suggestions? E-Mail Brian at: borr@talk21.com

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