Clan MacNicol Society of North America

The Clan MacNicol Society of North America has as it's stated purpose

Membership Eligibility

Any person of an accepted surname or ancestry (male and female) of Clan MacNicol whose ancestors originated in the British Isles, including Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man and England, who is willing to recognize as Chief, the MacNeacail of MacNeacail and Scorrybreac, and be accepted by him into Clan MacNicol.

Septs (Families or variant spellings - Mac = Mc and M')

MacNeacail	Nichel		Nickle

MacNichel	Nichoal		Nickoles	

MacNichol	Nichol		Nickols

MacNicholas	Nicholas	Nickolson

MacNicholl	Nicholassen	Nickson

MacNicholls	Nicholds	Nicol	

MacNichols	Nicholl	 	Nicoll

MacNickel	Nicholls	Nicolls

MacNickell	Nichols		Nicols

MacNickels	Nicholson	Nicolson

MacNickle 	Nickel		Nix

MacNickols	Nickell		Nixon

MacNicol	Nickells	Nuccle

MacNicoll	Nickels		Nuckel

MacNicolls	Nickells	Nuckels

MacNicols	Nickelson	Nuckelson

Necoles		Nickedrson	Nickols

Nicail		Nickisson	Nycoll

Niccols				Nycolls

Clan Badge

Gules, a hawk's head erased within a buckled belt inscribed with "SCORRYBREAC" or "SGORR A BHREAC" on a torse of gules and or (a wreath of red and gold).

Clan Motto

"GENEROSITATE NON FEROCITATE" (Generous not Ferocious)

Battle Cry


Plant Badge

Trailing Azalea
For further info please contact Bill Nicol or visit the website at

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