Legends, Folklore & Religion

Scotland is a mixture of many cultural backgrounds, but it is the Celtic influence on its people that is perhaps the best well known. Celtic mythology and traditions can still be found today; particularly in the Highlands and the Southern Uplands of Galloway.

There is also a revival of many of these beliefs occurring today with the renewed interest in Druidism and Wicca.

Legends and Fairy Tales

The story of The Brownie
The King of the Faeries
The legend of The Sons of the North Wind
The craft of the Seer
The Celtic belief in the Otherworld, An essay on Celtic beliefs by S. McSkimming

Festivals and Celebrations

The First Scottish New Year
The Celtic Origins of Holly
The Celtic Origins of Mistletoe
The Celtic Origins of Christmas: Alban Arthuan
The Wicker Man and the Beltane Festival
The Origins of Halloween, aka Samhain
New Year's Celebrations
Beltaine Scottish Folklore concering Birth

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