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"The Celtic Curse"
Disease Strikes Persons of Celtic Origin

Contributed by Dan Laing , Webmaster Laing Family Website

Dan Laing, Click on image to meet the author While I and the other members of my clan are proud of our Scottish heritage, we recently learned of a major drawback. An increasing number of us are being diagnosed with a hereditary disease called Hemochromatosis, or HHC for short.

Hemochromatosis is a disorder in which the body absorbs more iron than is healthy from food. It is most common in those of Celtic origin, and since the highest incidence of the disease does in fact occur among the residual Celtic populations in the UK and France (6.88%), it is also becoming known as the Celtic Curse.

Usually, any iron not used by the body is excreted, but the system of an individual with hemochromatosis stores excess iron throughout the body, including the liver, pancreas, skin, and other other organs with eventual detrimental effects. HHC is inherited, so it begins to slowly affect one's health from birth.

What can you do if diagnosed with HHC? Seek treatment or die early. It is this serious.

Body Parts Affected by HHC, Click for Larger Image

    Symptoms may include:

  • Jaundice (yellowing of eyes and skin)
  • Chronic fatigue or depression
  • Abdominal pains
  • Discoloration of the flesh under the nails
  • Depression or lack of energy
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Irregular heartbeat or heart disease
  • Early menopause or impotence

    What's affected:

  • Liver in 100% of cases
  • 65% of cases develop diabetes or acute hypoglycemia
  • 75% result in chondrocalcinosis, affecting the joints
  • 50% result in hypogonadism (gonads) before cirrhosis develops
  • Pancreas affected often
  • Skin, thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, lymph nodes, stomach, kidneys, etc. (without significant functional consequences)

Seek treatment


Die early

    Cases may result in:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Liver disease
  • Liver failure
  • Liver cancer
  • Cancer of the thyroid
  • Arthritis or joint and muscle aches
  • Anemia, and its not caused by low iron!!!
  • Cancer of other organs assumed, studies incomplete


  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Consuming raw seafood (cooked is ok)
  • Consuming cereals or other foods supplemented with iron
  • Using iron cookware
  • Taking iron supplements
  • Taking vitamin C supplements (natural juices are ok)


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