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Picture of Brian OrrBrian Orr, Merseyside, England
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Brian Orr is the Gathering of the Clan's most prolific writer (see his biography for a detailed list of his articles). Since coming on board in September, 1999, Brian has authored over three dozen articles, including five separate series which reflect his personal and professional interest in One Name Studies Research, The Covenanters, The Plantation of Ireland, Children of Scotland and Scottish Inventors. Brian is a member of the Guild of One Name Studies, the Scottish Genealogy Society, and the Ulster Genealogical and Historical Guild. He loves to help others find the answer to that burning question, so if time permits, he'll lend a helping hand to your research, especially if it has anything to do with his specialty, the Orr Family! Go to Brian's very own Message Board on Meet the Experts! on GOTC to post your question now, but remember, you have to sign up first!

Picture of Patsy HennessyPatsy Hennessy, Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada
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Patsy's Website Musings from the Cemetery

Patsy Hennessy's regular column Musings from the Cemetery is one of the most popular spots on the Gathering of the Clans. Before getting involved in the wonderful world of genealogy, Patsy spent more than twenty years as a Navy Analyst. Today, Patsy applies the same analytical skills she learned in the Navy to cemetery research. She has co-authored a five-volume publication consisting of statistical information gleaned from 17,000 gravestones in more than 35 Irish, Scottish and Acadian graveyards in New Brunswick, Canada. Since then, Patsy has made her way through another thirty graveyards in the region, accumulating enough research material for several more books.

Pic of Andrew MorrisonAndrew Morrison, San Antonio, Texas, USA
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Andrew Morrison's Website

Andrew Morrison is one of the most sought after contacts on the Gathering of the Clans. Andrew is a wealth of information about the origins of the Morrison Family Name and he has had a long-running dialogue with numerous persons on the GOTC's Clan Morrisson Discussion Boards. He has also written about Celtic Spirituality and the Gift of Second Sight, a subject which has drawn considerable attention from our readers. Andrew recently inherited the title of Viscount Dunrossil, following the death of his father .

Picture of Gordon IrvingGordon Irving, Glasgow, Scotland
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Gordon Irving's Website

Gordon Irving is a well-known Scottish author and journalist who came our way through our friends in the Scottish Theatre. In addition to authoring numerous biographies of famous and not-so-famous Scottish actors, musicians and vaudevillians, Gordon has contributed several travel pieces about his favourite place, guess where? Scotland!!! Gordon is a recent convert to the Internet and he even has his very own WEBSITE! You can read some of Gordon's many articles on GOTC at The History of the Scottish Theatre and Music Hall.

Pic of Edie DippelEdie Dippel, Village Mills, Texas, USA
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Edie's Website

Edie Dippel is the webmaster of, a website dedicated to that famous Scottish entertainer, Sir Harry Lauder. Edie has contributed a number of articles on Scottish Theatre, including two pieces on Sir Harry himself! You can read Edie's articles on GOTC at The History of the Scottish Theatre and Music Hall.

Pic of Sam HendersonSam Henderson, Edinburgh, Scotland
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Sam Henderson is a former 'Weekly Scotsman' journalist who also for a time managed the late Scots comic, Johnny Victory. Despite swapping for a life in business some years ago he keeps in touch with theatre and showbiz happenings and is a member of the Scottish Music Hall Society. He is delighted to be once again sharing a journalistic platform with his mentor and one-time 'TV Guide' colleague, Gordon Irving. Sam has written the biographies of two Famous Scots for the Gathering of the Clans, Jimmy Logan and Stanley Baxter.

Pic of Dan LaingDan Laing, Midlothian, VA, USA
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Laing Family Website

Dan Laing is a research scientist, writer and researcher who spends his spare time running the Laing Family Website. He was an invaluable research contact for an article we wrote on the discovery of the Laing Family Tartan. Dan has written articles for GOTC on the experiences of the Laings in Oklahoma during the Cheyenne Uprising of 1878, and most recently, a fascinating piece on the Celtic Curse, a disease which affects persons of Celtic ancestry.

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